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DJ DimixeR - Manatee (La La La)
Asic and Hugs - Roanna
DJ DimixeR - Lamantine (La La La)
Fly Project - Toca Toca (LLP Remix)
Denis Ferrer - Hey, Hey (Prohorov and DJ Sharapoff Remix 2015)
Bob Memphis - Castelldefels (Original Mix)
DJ Frankie Wilde feat Reflect - Need To Feel Loved
Electrixx - Destroyer
David Campoy feat Vassy - Steal The Show (Javi Reina Extended Remix)
DJ ART Music - Broken Heart (Original Mix)
Daddy Yanke - Limbo (DAniele Tek Mix)
Jerry Breedijk - Lets Go (Original Mix)
Airwave - Ladyblue (Antidotes Flight Mix)
Double You - Dancing With An Angel (Oliver Twist Remix)
Aku and Ghazaly and Progresia feat Linnea Schossow - Samurai and Fire Fire Fire (DJ Nick Moriss Edit)
A.M.R. - Bliss (Running Mans Relift)
Franz Tornado and The Knights Of The Squared Table - Lanceloto Play My Koto (Instrumental)
Djane Kikki - I Love It
Bilal El Aly feat Vanessa Kanaan - Glow (Original Mix)
Paris Blohm and Steerner feat Paul Aiden - Fight Forever (Original Mix)
Dario Synth and Corg - Raptor (Krylon Remix)
Shanahan - Own Your Heart (Original Mix)
Klaas - Calavera (Original Mix)
Sean Finn - Tokyo Drift (Original Mix)
Arshia Alipour feat Juliet Lyons - 2 Minutes To The Night (Rene Ablaze Remix)
IDQ - Its True
Venom One feat Adina Butar - Crashed and Burned (Club Mix)
Arisen Flame - Memories Of Love (Uplifting Mix)
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (DJ Zarubin and DJ Anton Cocs Remix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H feat Natalie Gioia - 4Ever (Original Mix)
Scooter and Vassy - Radiate (SPY Version)
Instant Party x ZEKE and ZOID - Hoodrat Anthem (Original Mix)
Style Of Eye feat Sirena - Louder
Knife Party - Boss Mode
Matteo DiMarr and Dashka - Calling Me (Original Mix)
Rune Rk Steve Aoki - Bring You To Life Transcend Vibe Remix
Arctic Moon - Starships Over Alice (Original Mix)
A and G, Northmark - Run with Me feat Gabrielle Ross (Club Mix)
DJ Mich - Heartbeat Song Pulsating Remix
August Alsina - No Love
Turbotronic - Shake (Extended Mix)
Artistic Raw - Miami (Havok Roth and HLTRSKLTR Remix)
Bingo Da Boss - Hoje To Feliz
Brisby and Jingles - Lamour Toujours (Club Radio)
AWD - Elevate (Original Mix)
Rob and Jack feat The Royalties STHLM - Walking On Air (Original Mix)
Darkboy - Walk The Talk (Original Mix)
Chris Wittig feat Mike S. - Just Cant Get Enough (DJ Observer Remix)
Klaas - The Gallery (We Are One)
Markus Schulz feat Delacey - Destiny (Kyau and Abert Remix)
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